Drawn Together:

The Visual Language of Drawing

For this exhibition, four members of the Art Department faculty selected a group of drawings from the Loeb’s permanent collection that are relevant to the curriculum of Art 102—Drawing I: Visual Language. In that course, drawing is considered as a conversation, not just between artists and subjects, but between art and other art. This selection of works on paper is meant to provoke students to recognize the underpinnings of their own work and to inspire new drawings. 

This exhibition was held in the Focus Gallery, Fall 2018.


Crypt, Church of the Holy Trinity, Caen The Vassar Library Two Men in an Interior Study of Rocks and Trees Carceri d'Invenzione, pl. XVI P.M. Times Untitled (Atelier Project 1983-1986) c 76 like Marmor white Memorabilia Landscape with Rocks and Shrubs L’avenue, from the series Paysages et Intérieurs Tangled View Winter, from The Four Seasons Renovation of the Kirkland Hotel The Table Winter Quarters Untitled, 1989.17.4.17a Untitled, 1989.17.4.17b Untitled, 1989.17.4.17c Untitled, 1989.17.4.17d Untitled, 1989.17.4.17e People Went Swimming Asakusa Ricefields and Torinomachi Festival, from the series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo Southeast View of St. Nicholas Church, Thanet, Kent Night Shadows Gloucester Two Figures and El (Sixth Avenue El, No. 2) Tourbook of Sicily, Jan.1877 Pots en Grès Chaplet Unloading Supplies